Four Core Principles of Sheikh Mohammed Husein Al Amoudi


About a month ago I learned from a webinar presented by the co-founders Delxino & Deborah Wilson de Briano of the Black Business Network ( that there are only 11 black billionaires in the world.  Upon grasping this knowledge I started investigating these billionaires because I wanted to learn.  Come to find out 9 of these black billionaires live in Africa.  Okay, I was blown away.  I had to know who they were and what they were doing.

The richest black billionaire in the world is Mr. Aliko Dangote.  At this writing he is worth $17.3 billion. Read my blog “Who Wants To Be A Billionaire” to learn more about him.  Today I am writing about the second richiest black billionaire in the world Sheikh Mohammed Husein Al Amoudi.  I have become fascinated with this man because of his agricultural wealth.  Sheikh Al Amoudi owns Horizons Plantations that produces coffee and tea in Southern Ethiopia.  This coffee is traded through Neumann Kaffee Gruppe to Starbucks and other companies.  Lipton (Unilever) is trading for tea leaves through Ethio Argi-CEFT from the plantations of Wush Wush and Gumaro.

ethiopia_gemadro_tin_us_0 Lipton Tea

Sheikh Ali Amoudi over the passed twenty-five years as Chairman has built the MIDROC Group on four core principles: 1) The creation of a business culture based integrity, quality and financial prudence 2) Fairness to employees, partners, suppliers and customers 3) A commitment to maximize utilizing the local resources 4) Preserving the environment. As part of Chairman Ali Amoudi’s and the MIDROC Group’s commitment to the local communities and the local economics, they actively promote the growth in education.  The Unity University in Ethiopia is one of the investments in education for the employees.  It is the first privately owned institute of higher learning to be awarded the full-fledged university status in Ethiopia by the Ministry of Education with postgraduate programs leading to master degrees in Business Administration and Development Economics.  To support his employees the Sheikh provides funds for his MIDROC employees for further their education through the Unity University and with that same zeal he invests in healthcare education in Saudi Arabia.

The MIDROC group is a global investment group completely owned by the Sheikh.  It’s interests are in petroleum, agribusiness, property industry, industrial services, engineering, construction, tourism, trade and investment.  The Horizon Plantations is a state-of-the-art productions of coffee, spices, fruits, vegetables, pulses (navy beans and soy beans), corn and organic honey.  Major emphasis is given to the adoption of modern and environmentally friendly productions and processing that proved to be successful elsewhere in the world, by ensuring educating that knowledge to surrounding communites.  The vision is to be a leading producer, processor and exporter in Ethiopia of agricultural goods providing customers with superior products.


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