Who Wants To Be A Billionaire – Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote 1

Mr. Aliko Dangote is the richest black billionaire in the world.  I was simply floored two weeks ago when I watched a Black Business Network seminar and learned that 16.3% of the people in the world are millionaires.  That is 1.1% of all households globally.  Blacks consist of 13.6% of the worlds population and only 1.4% of the millionaires of the world.  Amazing right, but wait this is not what floored me.  What about the billionaires? 1% of the world’s population are billionaires that is 1,826 people, wait only 11 of that 1% are black.  Okay I’m lightheaded now then Delxino Wilson de Briano says the 9 of the 11 live in Africa.  Yep, I hit the floor.

So the question that has bothered me for the past two weeks is why?  Why are our percentages so low and why do the majority of our wealthiest people live in Africa?  I have decided to take my time and read about all 11 of them and try to figure out what they are doing that I am not doing.  Now I am not trying to be a billionaire, but I do want to run the race to be one.  Confused?  Okay this is how I look at it.  God put me here to serve a purpose.  His Word says that a borrower is the slave to the lender and that everything I need to be successful is already in me.  I figure if I train to run the race on a daily basis, when it comes time for me to compete I can perform what I trained for.  One of the 11 billionaires is Ms. Oprah Winfrey.  Did you know her very first job was in a local grocery store?  Yes, so don’t tell me it is not possible.  I hope you learn as much as I do about these people.

Mr. Aliko Dangote is the richest black man in the world has made his fortune in cement, sugar and flour.  Dangote Cement is publicly traded selling at this writing at $170.04 a share, NASCON refineries is $6.00 a share and sugar is $6.62 a share.  He made his first fortune trading commodities 3 decades ago with a loan from his uncle.  The Dangote Group is based in Lagos, Nigeria and has companies in 13 other African countries.

Mr. Dangote starts his day at 5am.  He says starting that early allows him time to get a lot done and be very productive including a 6am haircut if needed.  He also fits in some time to exercise which helps his stress level.  Aliko says, “Exercise is better than any medicine I can take”.  He also says he sleeps about 4 to 5 hours where most of us need 6 to 8 hours his sleep time is very sound.  Mr. Dangote spends more time sleeping on his jet than in his bed. With all the invitations he gets on a daily basis to weddings, conferences and other functions he tries to spend 20 minutes at each one he has time to attend.

There are a two books about Aliko Dangote, Aliko Mohammad Dangote: The Biography of the Richest Black Person in the World

Dangote Group


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