Why You Shouldn’t Believe The Hype

Funny I am working on a business venture when this song by Chuck D and Flavor Flav came up.  I couldn’t resist the temptation because so many people so believe The Hype.  I CAN’T  You can’t what?  You can’t own your own business.  You can’t get out of debt.  I can’t understand the stock game.  YES YOU CAN!!!

One of the things I do on a daily basis is turn on YouTube.  It may not have everything, but there is so much on there you will find something you are looking for.  Okay I’m real excited about this point.  Did you know that there are audiobooks on YouTube free of charge.  You won’t tell me that you will never understand business because it is there free.  So what is the real problem why you are not changing your life.  You will tell me that you are tired of having more month than money.  You will tell me I just need enough to get by and have a little extra just for me.  No, Don’t Believe The Hype!!!  There is so much more to life.  The media has us pulled into the hype.  When I watch TV I analyze everything. The time of day, the channel and the message.  I watch how the commercials are done, who they are advertising to and why they chose this particular station.  Yes it is all a plan to put you further in debt.  Now understand, I’m not saying that everything is bad because it is not.  If you are not working and your at home watching BET be assured you will see a commercial about going to school.  Targeted? Yes! While you are sitting around waiting for that dream to come true, educate yourself.

Find your passion job.  What do you love to do?  No matter what happens or time of day or night you will do this (it may be more than one thing).  There is nothing wrong with multiple streams of income.  What will you do for free?  You love it so much you are willing to just bless people with it.  Have you ever received a jar of cookie mix over the Thanksgiving through New Year Holidays?  If you love to bake this is such an easy gift to make for your friends. What comes easy for you, but hard for someone else?  Sewing comes to mind right here.  You can make anything now a days.  From the very simple to the very extravagant.

When you click the link The Hype you will here this line in the song Don’t Believe The Hype by Public Enemy.  We’re brother of the same kind – the same mind. There is no reason why you are not able to run your own business.  The only thing that stops you is your mindset.  Your mindset is easy to change.  A step a day, a free audiobook for a hour, read fifteen minutes before bed or watch a video while the kids are bathing.  I will not tell you to stop working or going to school.  Do what you do to get your bills paid. Change your mindset from just getting by to making as much in your own business as you do on your job.  YOU CAN DO THIS!  Don’t Believe The Hype.



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