Hello, My Name Is Me


As we go through life we meet all types of people.  Everyone has their own attitude and beliefs that make them who they are.  Some people have the opportunity to find out who they really are and others live a life trying to find themselves.  I have learned that everything you are is already in you, the task is finding out who that person is.  You can’t find love without loving yourself first, all the money in the world won’t give you abundance and no matter what title is before or after your name does not make the person you are.

You will not find yourself by making other people happy.  The important thing is that you are happy with you.  So would you believe that everything you were made to do and be in life is already in you?  Everything you want to be and all of the resources to be that person is already in you.  A lot of people use meditation to get to a place where they can hear themselves and block out all of the negative vibrations in the universe. You can’t listen to you can’t, you won’t, and you will never make it.  The first thing in the morning do something positive for you.  My faith is very important to me so the first thing I do when I wake up is listen to a sermon by my favorite pastor.  As I work I listen to encouraging speakers, gospel music & gospel rap and e-books that are going to teach me something new.  You have all the answers to your questions inside of you, the power to remove the blocks that keep you from growing is what you need to learn.  Through positive affirmation and an open mind to learn more about yourself will only push you closer to your purpose in life.  We are not born to be drug dealers, thieves, murderers or strippers; those are choices our natural man made.  Our spiritual man will guide us to our purpose.

At times we all feel incomplete and not being enough.  Remember this, we all have a part to play in the Almighty spiritual body play your part to the best of your ability.  The block in your life that tells you your flawed give it a pink slip and tell it to pack up and leave it’s fired.  Every time a negative thought creeps in purposefully think a positive thought.  You have the ability to become all of what is in you.  Believe it, set a goal to learn one thing new everyday, take notes and read those notes every day until it becomes habit, listen to you inspirational mentor and encourage yourself.  Take a step towards you everyday and one more thing don’t forget to congratulate yourself for doing a good job.  When you’ve conquered a step or goal treat yourself.  You deserve it.

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