Motivate Your Action




What do you dream about?  What is it you really want out of life?  Is it motivating you to action?  You should really look at these questions on a serious note and think about what steps you are taking to get there.  What is your inspiration?  Are you sick of your job, or are preparing to move up to being self-employed.  Keep your emotions in check.  I have found that my emotions have a lot to do with how I work and what steps I take.  Your negative emotions; you can’t do this, your not smart enough to work for yourself and you will not be able to make any money doing this; will stop you from making the necessary steps.  Self sabotage will keep you from gaining success.  Your positive emotions; you can do this; learn something new and do something new each day and keep making steps until your self employment income equals your paycheck.  Self inspiration will keep you moving toward gaining success.  Your first employee to fire is fear and your first employee to give a cost of living raise to is passion.

I think it is so important to know why.  Check you mindset and figure out why you do what you do.  Don’t spend time on jealousy and envy, negative emotions  Spend time on grooming your positive.  You found out someone you work with is talking about you.  Your at Subway for lunch and you see one of the employees of Subway taking his/her favorite cookies out of the oven.  Spend the extra $2.00 and buy three just for them.  Don’t make a show of it!!! Secretly leave them on there desk and keep it between you and God.  Are you working to buy new clothes, a new car or a house in the exclusive neighborhood?  Or are you working to be able to afford those nice things.  Yes there is a difference, but I’ll let you work that one out and leave your comments on it.

Every day take a step closer to your goal.  There is so much information out there that is free;  YouTube, Podcasts, E-books and Google.  There are free events you can go to, classes you can take and networking meetings to attend and mingle with like minded people.  Associate yourself with people that are doing what you want to do.  Help the person that is looking up to you for advise.  We don’t know it all, but when you learn something from your mentor pass that knowledge on.  Put yourself in the position to attract 10’s to you business.  Keep stepping in their footsteps and learning the nuggets from their table.  They will help you keep your actions motivated.



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