Turning Your Income From A Negative To A Positive


The last blog I wrote was about starting with your passion on starting your own business.  I feel so positive about that side money that I decided to write about it again.  There is a difference between a hobby that pays you and a part time business.  If there is something you love doing whether you get paid for it or not then that is your hobby.  But you have to have a way to get paid for it.  Advertising is another issue you need to think about.  I love to crochet.  It is my go to relaxation medicine.  I love it so much I find different ways to collect patterns & yarn then stock up for later projects.  After the winter season is over I start selling my projects at vendor events and online.  You have to see what suits you the best.  One suggestion I do have is this.  No matter what you choose as your advertisement you will have t do something live to meet and greet people.  Begin a mailing list to not only get email addresses, but to find out what people are really looking for.  This will cut down on things you don’t need.  Vendor events are fun especially if you are doing it with someone.  If I have some events already lined up, I’ll do a flyer with dates and times along with pictures of things I have made.  The internet is another handy tool.  There are a lot of websites that will allow to put your projects on their site at no start up charge.  A lot of them charge if you sale something at a low percentage. Last point of interest is this.  Don’t sink a lot of money in this.  Remember this is something you love doing.  Buy enough for you too enjoy what you are doing and then as your business grows you can add special stuff.

So what are some of the hobbies that actually make money.  I have a pastor I listen to daily on YouTube and he says everyone has a book in them.  If writing is your love then compose your book and sell it on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble as an e-book.  You can publish a paper version through a self publishing website and sell your book there.  Coach a sport.  I love football and if my grandchildren are playing on a children’s league I’m there.  Now there is a potential to referee in another sport because you have that exposure.  What about photography?  Everyone loves pictures.  If you  are good at it and have an artistic eye, you can do parties, proms and different special events or portraits.  Handmade goods is another one that pays well.  An original piece that no one else has.  You have a variety of things to make.  Clothes, jewelry, filled recipe jars, cards I could go on and on.  Gardening!!!  We have all gotten to a point that we are looking at ways to make our diets healthier.  If you love playing in the dirt this is a perfect way to make extra money.  You can connect with other gardeners and supply fruits and vegetables as a group and fill orders or have patrons that pay a monthly or yearly fee to get enough to feed a certain number of people.  Tutoring is another area that can pay you well.  A lot of parents are home schooling their children and when they need help on subjects or can’t find solutions for their children you are there.

Follow you passion and supplement your income.  There is money to be made and that income can be a benefit to your tax return at the end of the year as well as years to come in retirement funds and growing investment interest.


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