Start With Your Passion


What is your passion?  Everyone has one or two things they will do day or night anywhere and anytime it doesn’t matter.  Mine is crochet and finance.  Finance is a passion because I love solving problems.  There is an answer to your question.  It may not be what you want to hear, but there is a way to make it better.  Let’s start looking at making it better.  Sometimes finance is a positive.  So how do we grow from here.  My second passion is crochet.  After a long day of number crunching crochet relaxes my brain and as I watch my creation grow I can really get excited about finishing my project. I have a blog I write spring, summer and fall also on WordPress under byhishandsblog.  I love to cook from scratch, but I do that more because I have to eat than something I would sell.Though I have done so from time to time.  But enough about me.  I ask again what is your passion?

Corporate America has us spending money every month on some holiday or season and always finds it’s way into our pockets.  We use credit cards to take place of the taxes that come out of our salary or wages Uncle Sam takes every paycheck.  In an earlier blog I posted the IRS results as of February 20, 2015, they have received 50 million returns with an average refund amount of $3,000.  You can get your passion off the ground and running with your refund and supplement your income.  It is possible that your passion can equal your paycheck.   Anyone can start a business but it’s infinitely harder to grow and sustain it.  It takes time and you have to stick to it.  This is where your passion is so valuable, because hard times are definitely coming and the challenges will be there.  It is your true passion that keeps your customers, your team, your advisers and investors happy.

There are 5 steps to getting your passion started as a business:  1)  Your goals are your steps to the top.  Take one at a time and learn as much as you can for each goal.  2)  Get to know something about the people that have already done your passion.  Remember there is nothing new under the sun, so whatever your passion is someone has done it before.  Get to know them and how they succeeded.  3)  Build trust with your potential customers.  Talk to them, understand their needs and have something to offer.  If you receive a referral from an existing customer be sure to show your love to the both of them.  4)  You are not going to be able to do it all so be able to ask for help when you need it.  You may be able to make a job for someone else.  5)  Realize there are going to be times when you are going to give out both mentally and physically.  Don’t forget to take a day off and rest.

passion pie            take-your-passion



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