Setting Production Goals

In my quest to increase my business, I am continually learning something new and how to implement it into a working model.  Production goals are a new concept for me and a much better way to look at things than traditional goal setting.  Let’s say you set a New Years goal to lose a pound a day, so you get started on this diet and exercise program to lose the weight.  You’re walking and drinking shakes and after a week you have lost three pounds.  You are four pounds short of your goal and frustrated.

Production goals are another way to look at your weight lose.  Instead of setting a goal to loose a pound a day, why not look at it on this expect.  What is it going to take to loose a pound a day.  How much exercise will it take, how many calories will I need to consume and how do I balance my diet to get fruits and vegetables in every meal.  Looking at it this way gives you more room to grow into a pound a day than being frustrated because you didn’t make it when you thought you should have.

Setting production goals also work well in business.  Zig Ziglar said, ” Money isn’t everything, but it’s right up there with oxygen”.  Funny we count so much on money, but most of us don’t plan or set goals.  We get a job and expect that job to pay our bills and help us save for the golden years.  So let’s look at that in a practical way.  Your job takes out taxes to pay the government, that’s a fourth of your pay.  Because you had to pay taxes you get credit cards and loans to make up the difference, now that’s another fourth of your pay, Corporate America has a reason for you to shop every month of the year, that’s another fourth.  So on a $50,000 a year salary you actually live off of $12,500.

STOP!!!  Let’s come up with a better plan.  What’s your break even point? How do I figure that out.   Well let’s start with this, stop doing what your doing, adopt a 20/80 rule out of all of your weekly activities let 20 percent count for 80 percent of your income.  You’ve got two or three things you are really good at.  Find out what they are.  Mine are taxes and accounting.  There is something you can to day or night rain or shine and you never get tired of doing it.  take a serious look at that and how it can make you money.  My relaxation tool is crochet that also makes me money.

So as I close, I’m going to leave you with a website to help you get a financial strategy and help you generate extra income.  Please leave your comments with your name and email address for more information.





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