Where Are You Headed

I am very excited about this blog today.  For me this is a double edge sword.  I have some pleasure and I have some serious.

So let’s start with the pleasure.  I have a new Facebook friend that has introduced me to her Travel Agency.  On her website http://www.JazzyJTravels.com you can book your hotel, arrange for your car rental, search for flights, sign up for cruises and get your group on a ship for fun and relaxation.  Ms. Terry is a travel agent with Your Travel Business Network (YTB Network).  YTB is doing a webinar on their business this Thursday at 7pm PST 10pm EST if you are interested in becoming a travel agent.  The website address will be on the other side of this sword so you will have to read on.

Now for the serious, have you thought about where you are headed in life.  What do you want to do? When do you want to retire?  How much money will it take for you not to work outside of your home again?  I am glad you asked!  I want to talk about residual income and how this benefits your tax return and your pocket.

Ever wonder what Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Oprah got going on to have the money to do what they want when they want?  Residual Income is the answer.  So how do we get there.  Basically residual income is your money making its own money.  Yes, your money is making more money.  I like that money making money.  To get there, here are some simple steps.  Increase your active income, this is your wages, salaries and self-employment income.  Take that income and put it to work so you will have some adjustments to your income on your tax return.  One of the ways I choose to do that is being self-employed.  Ms. Terry has chosen to be a travel agent as her self-employment active income that places money available to earn residual income.  If you are interested in what Ms. Terry does you can go to http://www.CETwebinar,com and tell them that you were referred by Jackie Terry.  Also leave your name and email address in the comments for this blog by Wednesday so Ms. Terry will have your information.  I chose MyEcon as one of my self-employment active income sources. MyEcon fits perfectly into my tax business.  We teach a financial strategy that gets you to residual income.  You can learn more about MyEcon at http://www.20minutes4change.com you can leave your name and email address in the comments for more information about this also.

So Where Are You Headed?  It’s time to really think about it.

Life Is A Trip!!! Are You On The Right Train?

Life Is A Trip!!! Are You On The Right Train?


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